How to fix Windows 10 upgrade failed problems

How to fix Windows 10 upgrade failed problems

It’s been 2 weeks now since the global release of Windows 10 and Microsoft is reporting over 70 million devices running Windows 10 already. Are you one of them? If not we definitely understand! Many users indeed are still hanging in the line waiting for that magic moment when Windows 10 will be pushed to their PC. Users who had already made early reservations for Windows 10 upgrade are also getting stuck along the upgrade process while for others, the illusive “Get Windows 10″ notification icon is still not showing up on the task bar. This has made Windows 10 upgrade process seem like a total mayhem to eager users who cannot wait give a new breathe of life to their PC system with Microsoft’s premier operating system, Windows 10. It’s an early release and we also experienced a few hiccups here and there on a few systems but we were able to get past that after learning several things about this upgrade.

How to fix Windows 10 upgrade failed problems

The adoption of every new technology is almost certainly deemed to experience a steep learning curve and this is no less true with Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system where so many users still cannot get around the debacle that is the upgrade.

Before you can successfully upgrade your box to Windows 10 it is important to keep in mind the following points in mind to be able upgrade to Windows 10 for free!:

  • You MUST have a properly licensed copy of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 running on your PC.
  • To help push Windows 10 update to your PC, you MUST have the KB3035583 Windows update from March, 2015 installed on your PC. To download and install this update directly,SEE our post on How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free!
  • Windows update engine MUST be turned on for the upgrade to work.
  • To be able to get Windows 10 upgrade in some cases, users on Windows 7 may need to be on SP1 (Services Pack 1). If you are using Windows 8, you may need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free using the store app or Windows update.

In addition to the above requirements, we tried to iron out other possible causes of Windows 10 upgrade failed problems and installation errors.

  • If you experience this Error: This update is not applicable to your computer, go back and make sure that you have installed all important updates from Windows update.
  • You also need enough free drive space available on the system reserved partition to allow for Windows 10 installation. The following error codes have been associated with lack of enough drive space on your PC during Windows 10 installation: Error Code 0x80070070 – 0x50011 Code 0x80070070 – 0x50012 Code 0x80070070 – 0x60000
  • Update outdated and incompatible drivers and programs. Sometimes a driver or other software on your PC won’t be compatible with Windows 10. This error code 0x800F0923 might register during installation. If you suspect certain incompatible apps, uninstalling such Apps and trying the update again might solve the issue.
  • Turn off your Antivirus program and disconnect from any VPN connections: Certain Antivirus programs and VPN connections you might be using might block software installation and prevent connection to Windows update servers.
  • Older BIOS may need upgrade: Sometimes to make better utilization of latest OS enhacements, you may need to upgrade your PC BIOS to be able to run Windows 10. Check on your manufacturer website for any recent BIOS updates available for your PC model.

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How to fix “Get Windows 10″ Icon not showing on task bar

In a bid to get the early release of Windows 10, many users around the world have run this glue some problem in which the Get Windows 10 icon is not showing on the task bar.

NOTE: You DO NOT need to do this now as you can now download Windows 10 from Microsoft’s Website but if this is your only way way out, here’s a few pointers to help make Windows 10 upgrade icon appear on task bar.

  • Download this ZIP file from Dropbox. This batch script though not officially by Microsoft has helped many users with problems of getting Windows 10 Upgrade icon to show up on task bar.
  • Extract the downloaded file on desktop. Locate the single Windows Batch File titled win10fix_full. Right-click on the file, select Run as administrator to open the file. While the file is running, press any key to continue, press again to get to the Main Menu.How to fix Windows 10 upgrade failed problems
  • Press 1 and Return to run an update status check to ensure your system is up to date. With your system up to date, you see 3 options to add the Windows 10 upgrade icon to the system tray.Trying the Quick Method #1 worked for us on a Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 7.

You should now see the Windows 10 upgrade icon appearing on the task bar.

How to fix Windows 10 upgrade failed problems

Don’t want to wait? Looking to Install Windows 10 right away? Continue below.

Skip the Wait, Install Windows 10 right Now! 

So you have waited on the line for your turn and you are probably fed up with all the endless speculation and you wish to avoid all the hullabaloo and join the millions users running Windows 10 already. Fret not as it is now possible to get Windows 10 gracing your PC in the next few hours! You can now avoid the long wait, download and upgrade to Windows 10 right now! Here’s how:

  • First things first, make a backup of all your files and important data just in case something goes haywire.
  • Check if the version of Windows 7 or Windows 8 you are running is 64-bit or 32-bit. You can do this by opening Control Panel>>System and Security>>System
  • Now head over to Microsoft’s download Page. Download 64-bit tool if you are using 64-bit version of Windows or Download 32-bit tool if you are running on a 32-bit system.
  • Run the downloaded tool and select the Upgrade your PC option. Windows 10 will now start downloading. Once the download completes, it’s now time to install it on your PC. The wizard will guide you in a few steps, you can choose to keep and retain personal files and apps during the upgrade. Windows 10 will start installing and after a few reboots you’ll have upgraded your PC to the new Windows 10 operating system.How to fix Windows 10 upgrade failed problems

Alternatively, if you wish to start from a clean slate and a do a clean installation of Windows 10 or upgrade other PCs as well without multiple downloads for each, there are several ways to do that but you will need to have your current Windows 7 or Windows 8 license key to be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. I will be discussing that on my next post.

To counter some of the bugs being reported after upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft is fixing these through Windows updates. So don’t forget to run your Windows update engine if you experience any issues after the upgrade so as to keep things normal.





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