how to enter service mode in Android phones

How to enter service mode in Android phones without secret codes

Android power users understand just too well how Android OEMs are particularly secretive about telling out working methods of getting into service mode, service menu or engineer mode on their Android devices. While this might be a good protective measure generally to avoid many cases of bricked devices every now and then, it doesn’t get fun when you just can’t find working codes to help you open the hood of your Android device, clean up and do certain repairs! This tutorial will show you how to enter service mode in Android phones without secret codes.

If you are a long time Android user, you are probably familiar with frustrating Android secret codes that are not able to help you access hidden menus and especially access to device service menu or engineer mode.
We sometimes spend hours upon hours trying to figure out working secret codes to help us access these hidden service menus. While there are Android secret codes that work, most of them are manufacturer specific and even OS version specific sometimes where a certain code will work on Jelly bean OS and not on Kitkat or Lollipop firmware. If this sounds familiar to you, read on as this tutorial definitely is meant for you!

Why would you want access to Android service mode menu/engineer menu in Android?

Well, Android service mode menu/engineer menu is the hub for hidden administrative settings and system level functions on your Android device. These settings are meant for repair service personnel and application developers who need deeper system level access to the device for testing purposes. As an Android user, these settings may come in handy when you require to service your faulty device, enable extra advanced hidden capabilities on your Android, repair damaged IMEI number, fix network problems, flash certain firmware files to debrick your device and sometimes to even factory unlock your Android device to all networks (A known case for most Qualcomm devices)

Case Scenario:
Recently, I needed to repair some Samsung Note 4 SM-N910F which had lost network. For me to dot this, I needed to access Samsung service mode menu to change the current Qualcomm USB settings (Enable RNDIS+DM+MODEM USB settings) which would enable the device interact at a debug level with my computer software. Trying all commonly known Samsung Service mode secret codes did not help either. Here’s a few that did not work for me but may work on some other devices : *#9090# *#7284#  *#197328640# *#110#*
Frustrated but determined to get a working code to enter the main service mode menu for this Galaxy Note 4. Surprisingly instead, I found a scripted app that helps do just that. It didn’t take long before I finally did it and boy did it feel great as I recuperated the number of times I had struggled with the same issue on so many other Android devices before! This app gives you best alternative method to finding working secret codes for accessing Android hidden menus and most importantly accessing the Android service mode or engineering menu.

How to enter service mode in Android phones without secret codes

Shortcut Masterhow to enter service mode in Android phones


Shortcut Master is a powerful tool for creating, capturing and searching shortcuts and hidden secret menus on your Android device.Shortcut master also helps you enter service mode in most Android phones without secret codes. I found this application to be particularly good at searching for most hidden menus in your Android phone without the need of knowing the right secret codes for such menus. If you are looking for an easier way to find the service mode menu and other secret hidden menus on your Android phone, follow the few steps below.

Step 1:

First, head over to Google Play store and download Shortcut Master Lite

Step 2: 

Launch the app from your drawer. You will find 4 menu functions: Secret Code Explorer, App Explorer, Search and Capture Shortcut.

Step 3:

Now you can start searching for secret hidden menus for your device. The Search menu allows you to search any range of hidden menus available on the device. If you are searching for a particular secret menu, enter the text into the search box and the Shortcut Master will pull it out for you.To find Android service mode, select the search menu type “service mode”  “service menu” “service” “Engineer mode” or “Eng” without quotes into the search box. The same would apply if you need to find other hidden menus for your device E.g “USB settings” How to enter service mode in Android phones without secret codes

Step 4:

A list of available hidden menus for your search query will be listed on the screen. Each Menu function has a short description as to what it relates to. Choose one that is appropriate and try to launch it and see if it works for your case.

Some system functions may require ROOT permission in order for them to launch, so be sure to root your device if necessary.

Step 5:

Optionally, you can manually search for all available hidden menus on your device through the Secret Code Explorer menu. Android service mode or engineer mode hidden menu will be listed among all of the available hidden menus. Selecting one of these will give you several launch options, you can start with option 1 for quick launch. You may also save a quick launch shortcut to your home screen if you will need it for later use.

How to enter service mode in Android phones without secret codes

How to enter service mode in Android phones without secret codes











Step 6:

Precaution: Only launch function targets that you know about to avoid bricking your precious device. Some functions are meant to completely erase the phone’s internal storage! Read the short description text below each target to get a hint of what the function does before launching it.

Having personally tested this app on a number of different brands of Android phones, I can confirm that this tutorial should work in finding Android Service mode menu on almost all Samsung Galaxy phones and across most LG, HTC, Sony Xperia, Motorola, Nexus, Mediatek phones and others.

Desclaimer: This is a tech repair tutorial, Self Tech Genius will not be liable for any bricked devices!

Credits: Vndnguyen the creator of shortcut master.

How to enter service mode in Android phones without secret codes

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