IDE/SATA to USB Adapter

IDE/SATA to USB Adapter. Easiest way to convert your internal hard drive to external USB hard drive.

In the world of computing and modern digital life, the ability to store personal data is built into the very soul of our laptops computers, desktop PCs, phones and tablets. It would almost be unimaginable to find use in our gadgets without the very necessity to have some kind of storage medium for all the information that is being processed by the computer every second. The minute our hard disk drives or SSD disk drives break down it’s almost given that for a split second we would literary go into an instant panic as we fear for possible data loss.

This juggling routine of data management and data recovery makes for the perfect case why this tool is an absolute necessity in my list of the most essential tools in a PC technician toolkit. The IDE/SATA to USB adapter is tool which converts your typical naked internal hard disk drive to be used as an external drive in a true hot swapping connection. You are able to take an IDE drive from an old PC and convert the connection interface from IDE to USB without the need to restart your PC. In the same manner the tool doubles as a SATA to USB adapter enabling you to take out any naked laptop or desktop internal SATA drive and use it as an external USB hard drive. This tool makes it a child’s play to convert virtually any newer serially attached SATA hard drive or any legacy IDE attached hard drives into an external USB hard drive that is capable of instant plug and play.

When to use the IDE/SATA to USB adapter.

This tool comes in extremely handy when:

  • You are attempting data recovery on unrecognized hard drives (When the OS or the BIOS does not recognize your drive)
  • Transferring data from legacy hard drives.
  • Transferring data from encrypted hard drives (Connecting the drive as a removable drive bypasses such encryption)
  • Every time you may require to copy large amounts of data directly to your internal drive in less time.
  • If you are having issues with the internal CD/DVD ROM connection, you can as well plug it out of the PC and use the adapter to convert it into an external CD/DVD ROM.

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The IDE/SATA to USB adapter is an absolute essential for any PC technician and savvy PC users to save up on time spent on data management and data recovery by turning any internal drive into a super external storage media. This tool is available from different manufactures at different price points depending on whether you are getting one with the newer and faster USB 3.0 or the more common USB 2.0 interface. Some will also include a small LED light indicator to notify you when the drive is successfully recognized by the USB.

I have been using the USB 2.0 version which serves the purpose well but keep in mind that if you are getting the USB 3.0 version you will only realize the advantage speed of USB 3.0 only when using a PC that has USB 3.0 ports, else transfer speeds will always drop down to USB 2.0 speeds even if the IDE/SATA adapter is USB 3.0 capable.

There are other kind of adapters that convert IDE and SATA interfaces to USB but these are very limited in scope and scalability when you have multiple drives which makes the IDE/SATA to USB adapter an all in one tool for such kind of tasks every time.

You may find this tool from online re-sellers like Best Buy and Tiger direct at around $20 with different brands. It is usable with all drive sizes of 2.5″, 3.5″ and 5.6″ inch and is comes completely bundled with a power adapter to supply just enough power to the drive.

Even if you are not into into PC repair, having one of these lying around doesn’t hurt. If you often can pull out a failed hard drive for new one, this tool may just make you that much geekier and you may just be the one to save the day for a friend or family member.

IDE/SATA to USB Adapter. Easiest way to convert your internal hard drive to external USB hard drive.

 Happy Geeking!

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