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Fake USB Flash Drives On Sale. Buyer Beware!

Planning to upgrade to some serious removable storage for your on-the-move data storage needs? Fake USB Flash Disk drives on sale. Buyer Beware! A USB flash drive, otherwise referred to as USB stick, thumb drive, pen drive or USB memory is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. The efficiency and portability of removable external storage devices has revolutionized our data management habits. Flash disk drives or USB memory sticks are essential to how we consume data on our PCs nowadays. Even with cloud storage slowly gaining popularity, removable storage is in a-somewhat irreplaceable place.

Just recently I had posted a sales ad on some local online classifieds site about an old 1TB WD External Hard drive I had lying around. To my surprise I got 3 calls from different potential clients inquiring if I might also have some 1TB/2TB Flash disk drive. I honestly didn’t know how respond to this at first owing to the fact that I had been seeing these 1TB and 2TB flash drives being sold at an unbelievably low price -approximately Ksh. 2,000 ($20) to 4,000 ($40) for the 2TB capacity. This didn’t concern me then as the sellers were just a few here and there. It was then that I decided to take a troll of some diligent research on the local retail accessories shops in Nairobi that I got deeply perturbed by the volume of both aware and clueless sellers stocking these counterfeit drives in large quantities. I mean stacks of boxes upon boxes of them! Unsuspecting and clueless buyers storm these shops to grab up on the hot-seemingly- high discounted offers. It’s only a matter of time that they come face to face with the ugly catch. These flash disks are the work of greedy Chinese manufacturers who have altered the flash firmware to indicate certain incorrect storage capacity when the user plugs the flash drive on to the computer. Most of these makers have perfected the art of hideously using top brands like HP, San Disk on the surface of these fake drives etc.

The user will soon realize the inconsistency of the storage capacity while transferring large files or too late after the flash media has failed to function.

USB Memory sticks though small in size are now growing in storage capacity in leaps and bounds. They have become spacious and incredibly versatile. With such wide popularity, bootleg counterfeits was something bound to be inevitable.

From a mere 64MB Capacity flash drives back then, we are now witnessing USB Flash drives larger than 512GB. A few bold manufactures have recently shaken the space of removable storage industry with USB flash drives of 1TB+ storage Capacity. Note that at humongous Capacity, this is not your typical copy and paste only drive, these are mostly ultra-fast SSD with NAND memory, USB 3 and even USB type C. The price point here is no less than top premium. With such technology bundled up in a single 3.5mm USB stick, you can expect the read/write speeds of above 150Mbps.


Fake USB  Flash Disk Drives On Sale. Buyer Beware!

Now if you had doubts if 1TB+ USB Flash drives exist, I believe your doubts have lessened if not cleared. Now the real deal here is that you are now fully aware and better informed that fake USB flash drives do exist as well. They are more common and easy to find as they are easy to crush with your crucial data and important life time moments. You sure won’t like the scenario as we all use them in the office all the time or out at our field work to collect data.


How to Test USB Flash Drive Storage Capacity: Windows Utilities and Third Party Tools

The first instinct I get when testing USB drives is Windows built in chkdsk and scandsk utilities which can scan and fix bad sectors on a drive. But to test for fake drive capacity we need a program with burn-in test functions to check for the true storage capacity and inconsistency in typical USB flash drive behavior.

Luckily, several third party tools exist, these will help you do just that. One in particular is the Check Flash program that has been around for a while.

  • Check Flash

Check flash (Chk Flsh) is a simple free USB flash memory testing tool. The program allows you check the read/write speeds, edit partition info, save and restore full drive and partition images, save and restore MBR. You can scan as well perform full drive erase or partition cleaning. LINK Download Check Flash

fake usb flash drives


Choosing the right USB Flash Disk

Since the first 8MB flash drive, USB flash storage has evolved to embrace recent technological advancement. If your only need is to move a lot of pictures and documents around, a normal USB 2.0 Flash drive might be just what you need.  USB 2.0 has been after all the most widely used USB standard for external storage devices which you will find sufficient for medium data transfer tasks.

  1. Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of any flash disk drive is most often the decisive factor when making a purchase. So how much storage do you need? Large amounts of data (especially video files) could eat up gigabyte of storage. So you may have to consider higher capacity flash drives. Luckily, as with most computer memory devices, USB storage capacities have risen while prices have dropped. As of today, flash drive capacity may vary widely 4GB to 256GB being most popularly sold with 512GB and 1TB slowly gaining ground with manufacturers

  1. Transfer Speeds

Always getting late dealing with traditional USB 2.0 speeds? You can get USB 3.0 flash drive at most local stores, you just have to dig the pockets a little dipper for their price. This will give you some super-fast transfer speeds of about 100MBps while using on a USB 3.0 host compared to 60MBps of traditional USB 2.0 flash drives. They are also backward compatible with USB 2.0. Recommendation SanDisk Extreme 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

  1. USB Type

Ever had the need to connect your USB flash drive directly to your smartphone or other portable mobile device for some quick data backup or for on the move data transfer? OTG Dual Flash drives does just that. These OTG (on the go) USB flash drives are completely compatible for use with your OTG supported mobile devices (smart phones and Tablets). A normal USB flash drive will require a separate OTG USB adapter cable to work directly with your mobile phone.

The existence of counterfeit flash disk drives rings true with fake external hard disk drives as well. Though not as prevalent, counterfeit hard drives do exist as well. Mostly they come bundled as any other typical USB hard drive, but in real sense, the internal components are far from that of an original external hard disk components. Often, cheap and low-cost flash memory components are falsely programmed into to the chip to cheat the buyer into believing that they are buying an original hard drive. The capacity would falsely show the intended capacity (say 1TB) when plugged in to a PC but the base capacity would only be little over 1GB if not a few hundred MBs of storage.

So there you have it, a quick guide to shield you from being hoodwinked to buying fake flash disk drives and other external storage devices. Stay safe, buy wisely.


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